• 11 May, 2014


Director: Evrim Ersoy
Logline: Set over the course of one night, ‘12’ is a story of obsession, crime, punishment and consequence.
Status: Pre-production

Set over the course of one night, ‘12’ is a story of obsession, crime and punishment.

Grist and Harrow are two veteran cops, partners too prickly to move to the upper tier and too talented to be demoted. Whilst Grist is a lonely, angry man married to the job, Harrow has always acted as his support in any given situation.

One fateful evening, Edward Mickle, an old acquaintance of Grist and a defiantly guilty man, is brought in. Mickle is Grist’s favourite obsession – his Moby Dick – and to finally have him where he wants him starts turning all the gears in his head.

For the next 12 hours, the two men will be pushed to the limit  as they tear through a London rarely seen, destroying everything they believe in, demolishing anything they ever had and they will also finally get to see each other for what they really are.

No one will come out unscarred.

Having participated in Frontières International Co-Production Market in 2016 and with the assistance of screenwriter Sean Hogan, Evrim Ersoy’s savage tale of two detectives gone too far has attracted a lot of attention and will be the company’s most ambitious project so far.


12 – The Making of the Promo

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