Neerdowell Films

Russell Would, James Pearcey, Katherine O’Shea, Evrim Ersoy

Founded in 2008 by James Pearcey and Russell Would during the production of To My Mother and Father, Ne’er Do Well Films is a company working to create daring and vibrant films to challenge and entertain an audience. Clutching 11 awards, and a far higher number of official selections to festivals around the world (including Film4 FrightFest, Fantastic Fest and Sitges), the team went on to produce Daddy Cross, representing the first production with ongoing collaborator writer/director Evrim Ersoy. The film went on to be the winner of the Hobo with a Shotgun UK Exploitation trailer contest and then spawned a webseries and master class which toured the European festival circuit in 2015.

Following the success of our previous productions, Ne’er Do Well Films went on to create the notorious short film Tokophobia, which played for a number of prestigious film festivals including Film4 FrightFest and MOTELx.

Working in conjunction with Film4 FrightFest in 2012, Ne’er Do Well Films collaborated with over 35 filmmakers around the world to create the Turn Off Your Bloody Phone public service announcements. These featured well-known genre figures such as Laurence Harvey, Kate Shenton, Andy Nyman, Jessica Cameron, James Moran, Patrik Syversen and Can Evrenol. They became an ongoing feature of Film4 Frightfest until 2014 when the final batch were screened. The idents were very well received and became a regular feature on the festival circuit around the world as well as going viral online.

At the start of 2014, Abdullah, the company’s most ambitious short film to date, was completed and toured extensively throughout the festival circuit including Sitges, Fantastic Fest and more. This also represented the first production in which our third producer Katherine O’Shea came on board.

The company has also been involved with the post-production of a number of short films and features including the internationally released The Borderlands and The Show, the first feature from up and coming director James Alexandrou.

This year has brought a number of challenges and opportunities to the company; highlights include participation in the 2016 Frontières International Co-Production Market with the ambitious feature project 12, a violent thriller, and participation in the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Works in Progress Lab with He Loves Me, an independent gay romantic drama. The feature Growth, directed by Mark Devenport, goes into production later this year with support from Rook Films and their latest production with Evrim Ersoy as director, Shadows in the Deep, has just been selected to participate in Creative England, BFI and BBC Films’ iFeatures film development scheme.

Thus far, 2016 has proven to be our busiest and most productive year to date; the team at Ne’er Do Well Films looks forward to sharing our latest and greatest projects with audiences in the near future.


2014 Abdullah (Short)
2014 ‘Turn Off Your Bloody Phone’ Idents – Third Batch (Short)
2013 ‘Turn Off Your Bloody Phone’ Idents – Second Batch (Short)
2012 ‘Turn Off Your Bloody Phone’ Idents (Short)
2012 Tokophobia (Short)
2012 Daddy Cross (Webseries)
2012 Death of a Projectionist (Short)
2011 Daddy Cross (Short)
2010 To My Mother and Father (Short)